Thursday, July 27, 2006


Got neighbors stealing your wireless? So did this guy. I think it’s safe to say that they aren’t doing that anymore.

Experimental Hybrid Cars

I find the concept of a hybrid car to be ingenious and I wish the technolog were cheaper. It seems that tech-minded people have started “modding” thier hybrid cars to get even more out of them.

 University of California, Davis engineering professor Andy Frank built a plug-in hybrid from the ground up in 1972 and has since built seven others, one of which gets up to 250 mpg. They were converted from non-hybrids, including a Ford Taurus and Chevrolet Suburban.

I would love 60–80mpg, but 250mpg will definitely do.

Source: Live Science

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Play Anywhere Video

My father in law sent this to me at lunch, but it is a video that showcases 2 really neat products at Microsoft Labs. I think the first one, Play Anywhere, is about as cool as it gets. You have to check it out for yourself, but think Minority Report with no Tom Cruise gloves.

Digg Bookmarklet

There was a story on Digg today about a Firefox extension for submitting new stories to digg. In the comments there was a link to a site with a Bookmarklet that I felt was incomplete. I have revised it with the following features:

-If you select text on the page it submits it as the summary, if not, you are left to manually fill that in
-Opens in a new tab

This is untested in any other browser as I don't use it, but here it is: Digg This