Wednesday, June 28, 2006

NBA Introdues New Game Ball

The NBA unveiled the new game ball this morning before the 2006 Draft. I gotta say the new design and technology makes me want to go out and drop the $99 on this new ball. They are slated to be available for purchase on Oct 31. This is only the 2nd ball change in 60 seasons and the first change in over 35 years. The last change was in 1970 when the ball was changed from a 4 panel to an 8 panel ball. I think the new 2 panel interlocking design will create for a more round ball.

The new Cross Traxxion technology will make for a better experience all around I think.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006


A while back my AdSense account was closed by Google for allegedly a violation of the TOS. I reapplied last week in an effort to rejoin and was rejected. I see sites all the time that merely scrape content from search engines yet Google denies the application of a legit site? Does anyone else see this as a problem?

Monday, June 12, 2006

NBA Finals

I’ve been quiet on the NBA Playoffs since the Spurs got knocked out by Dallas. I hate to blame the officiating so I won’t, but I do agree that it played a larger role than Mavs fans would like to admit. That being said I am rooting for Miami instead of the other Texas team. I kind of feel like a traitor, but I am going to be bitter about Dallas winning for a while. The way it has played out, the Spurs would have had a walk in the park going for a back to back and that was thwarted. So here I am rooting for Miami and hoping that I don’t end up a loser for the 2nd time this post season. When is the draft again?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I can't win

I work Sun – Thurs which is nice and explains why I am posting from work. The problem is that on Thursday some joker decided it would be funny to eat my 2 luscious BBQ Hot Pockets. Yes, someone that I work with actually ate my lunch. What kind of person does that? I lucked out in that there was some leftover lasagna in the breakroom from a lunch meeting. That didn’t make matters any better, it just made me less hungry. I sent out an email thanking the person who ate my food. I only got 1 reply from someone who had their food eaten as well. Do you ever just want to line people up and start slapping them all?

The reason I can’t win is that here I am on a Sunday, and no, nobody ate my food, but I managed to drop one of my 2 eggrolls right on the floor. How fantastic is that? I think I am cursed. Yes, I ate it anyway. I have a feeling the germs in my mouth are far more heinous than the ones on the ground.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

How NOT to steal a SideKick II

This was too funny not to post. Stupid people. Score one for technology.

Source: How NOT to steal a SideKick II

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

SIRA - Section 115 Reform Act of 2006

I just read about SIRA on Slashdot and this could be bad news for consumers across the board. SIRA requires that every additional copy of music/media require it’s own additional and separate license from the original copy. Rip your DVDs to your Media Center PC? Pay for another license. Rip your music to your computer as an MP3 and copy it to 1 or more iPods? Pay for additional licenses. has the original piece.

Source: Slashdot